Who we are

Who we are

It was born of the desire of Tony Cortés and Yoandy Armenteros, with the blessing of Pablo Reyes – older brother of Los Reyes, founders of the The Gipsy Kings with their cousins the brothers Baliardo – to create a new rhythm that gives greater musical richness to the fusion of the Gipsy Rumba with the authentic Son Cubano.

GIPSY al SON is made up of gypsy musicians led by Tony Cortés, who for the past 15 years has accompanied Pablo Reyes (formerly The Gipsy Kings) on his international tours; and Son Cubano, led by Yoandy Armenteros.

Release of our first album, Gipsy al Son, featuring the GIPSY sound with typical SON modes of expression. The album is rounded off by well-known songs by The Gipsy Kings and Peret, whose musical arrangements sound like our new rhythm called GipSon.

GIPSY al SON and his ” GipSon ” rhythm bring new life and dimension to Gitana Rumba and the Latin rhythms popularized by the famous and universal XAVIER CUGAT and PERET.

GIPSY AL SON: 11 musicians on stage.
“The concert is a spectacle that dazzles, seduces and immerses the audience in a rich cultural fusion of rhythms and sounds that convey feeling, passion and joy.”

The founders


At the age of 7, he began playing in his father’s band, the famous Barcelona singer and guitarist Tony Cortés Sr. After the Gipsy Kings, Tony continued with Pablo Reyes, one of the group’s founders and the elder brother of Los Reyes.

Collaborations with the legendary flamenco guitarist “Manitas de Plata“. He has worked on numerous occasions for the French television company Euro Corp, created by Luc Besson, recording soundtracks for film productions.


Arranger, percussionist and music producer with numerous recordings and international tours with The Gipsy Kings, Rick Barley, Frankie & La Canthina Band, Kid Creole, Ray; Sepulveda, Simona Bencini, Los Reyes, La India, Adolescentes, Maito Rivera, Haila, Manolín “El Médico de la Salsa”, NG La Banda, Tirso Duarte y Ana Karina.

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