The founders

Tony Cortés and Yoandy Armenteros have known each other for more than a decade,

both accompanied Pablo Reyes on his international tours, sharing the big stages around the world. As a result of this relationship with music as the backbone, a strong bond was immediately established between them, based on friendship and respect. In that sense, two first-class and creative musicians coincide with the ambition to create an innovative musical project that marks the roadmap for new generations.

They form Gispsy al Sonwith 11 Gipsy and Son Cuban musicians. The new album, entitled Gipsy al Soncontains newly-created songs complemented by superb music by the band The Gipsy Kings and Peret.

All with a common denominator: the new rhythm called GipSonthe result of fusing Gipsy Rumba with authentic Cuban Son in a way never heard before. A new musical concept is born with a unique rhythm, which is here to stay. Welcome!


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