The musicians

Making the decision to start a music project today is no easy task.

Tony and Yoandy start calling musicians to join the project

The challenge is enormous: to merge Gipsy Rumba with Son Cubano. Within a few weeks, they formed the group, and after months of rehearsals to get to know each other musically, they released their first album, Gipsy al Son.

Gipsy al Son is made up of Tony Cortés, Yoandy Armenteros, Figuière Romaric, Kael Maichel Cantarell, Randolph Chacón, Yuri Hernández, Ramón Elias Catasus, Laraine Cañizares, José Antonio Molina,Alfredo Mojena and Maiker López,
Sound engineer: José Mendoza.


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