SPECIAL EVENT with Pablo Reyes

The great Pablo Reyes, older brother of Los Reyes, joins Gipsy al Son in this Special Event,

giving it all his joy, power, exuberance and quality on stage. A concert that promises a delicious and rhythmic journey with the innovative fusion between Rumba Gipsy and the rhythms of authentic Son Cubano, all rounded off with the sublime musical touch that Pablo offers.

Musician, guitarist and vocalist with an indelible mark on flamenco music, the king of Los Reyes was one of the creators of the successful band The Gipsy Kingswho captivated the whole world with unforgettable worldwide hit songs such as “Bamboleo“,”Djobi Djoba” or “Volare” among many others.

The talent that accompanies Pablo is unique, incomparable, attractive and lasting, a fact that makes it an essential and inspiring listen for the new and emerging generations of the musical scene. His peculiar guitar style escapes pre-established labels, due to his intricate picking patterns and rich timeless melodies, becoming his personal and characteristic sound. His passion for Catalan rumba and flamenco, combined with his performance with the guitar, evokes a sense of beauty and emotion that resonates long after the final note.

Born into a family deeply rooted in gypsy culture, Reyes knew the art of music and the guitar from a very young age. He spent his adolescence immersed in the vibrant gypsy community of Arles (France), where he culminated his skills as a first-class guitarist and vocalist.

Here’s an acoustic presentation


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